Transform any room in your house with ease with one of our contemporary gas fireplaces.
Developed with today’s discerning home owner in mind, and offering a unique alternative to the traditional “log fire” stoves & fireplaces.


Contemporary Design

The SÓLAS line of highly efficient contemporary fireplaces offer all of the features in demand by today’s most discerning, design conscious homeowner. 


Ease of Installation

The SÓLAS line of wall mount fireplaces allows for installation throughout the home, without the need for major renovations. Simply hang on the wall and vent to the outside, to add a dramatic focal point to any room.


Installation Flexibility

SÓLAS Fireplaces require minimal clearances to combustibles and take up very little space in a room. The fireplaces can be located as low as 3” from the floor or positioned perfectly to “couch height”. Overall depth is just 7⅝”.


Simple Operation

SÓLAS Fireplaces can be operated manually, or Thermostatically using the hand held Remote Control (standard). An optional wall switch is also available for manual operation. Flame height can be raised or lowered to achieve desired effect.


Fuel Specific / LP or NG

SÓLAS Fireplaces are ordered fuel specific, LP or NG. This ensures that every unit is fully tested at the factory for use with your specific gas type.


Automatic Pilot Ignition

The pilot flame for SÓLAS Fireplaces can be ignited using the remote control. No more getting down on your knees to light the pilot!


Porcelain Enamel

SÓLAS Fireplaces provide amazing radiant heat using the combination of reflective glass media and porcelain enamel panels. The panels provide  reflective radiant heat, in addition to several layers of fire light—all of which enhance the soothing dancing flames.


Reflective Burner

SÓLAS Fireplaces use reflective glass media on the burner pan to cast light throughout the fireplace and surrounding area.


Battery Operation

SÓLAS Fireplaces operate using a Mertik Maxitrol® control system which runs on 4 AA batteries, so there is no need to hard wire power to the fireplace, and, in a power outage you still have heat. Normal battery life is one heating season.

Glass Upgrade Choose from our variety of optional glass media. Glass Media

Transform any room in your house with ease with one of our contemporary gas fireplaces.

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